The Tazara train 

The Tazara train. I'm going to take the train from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, south west to Kapiri Mposhi, in Zambia. It's 1,980km and is supposed to take 48 hours but can occasionally take anywhere up to 4 days! It's going to be a proper adventure! Tuesday 17/10/17 - 09:00: I arrive at the … Continue reading The Tazara train 

The Maasai people 

Wednesday 11/10/17: On the road back to Arusha, we see a group of early-teenage boys in black robes with lines of painted white geometric lines striping their faces like zebra. Our driver, Tuma, explains that the boys’ robes and paint means that they have recently been circumcised and must be separated from their villages until … Continue reading The Maasai people 

​Who the hell only takes their smart-phone camera to Africa?!

Tuesday 10/10/17: “Wildebeest do not know they are wildebeest for there are no mirrors in the Serengeti plains”. Billy Connelly’s daft punchline about a wildebeest not worrying while watching another wildebeest being eaten by a lion has bounced around my head all day. It's surprising how different the Serengeti is to the Maasai Marra. It's … Continue reading ​Who the hell only takes their smart-phone camera to Africa?!