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Cape Town, is it? 

Cape Town, is it? 

Friday 03/11/17: I'm on the last section of my African trip and heading from Namibia to Capetown in South Africa. Capetowners (no idea if that's right but I'm going with it) I've met en route have warned me of scams, ATM robberies, fake taxis, gun-point abductions… but always finish by saying how much I'll love … Continue reading Cape Town, is it? 

The Maasai people 

Wednesday 11/10/17: On the road back to Arusha, we see a group of early-teenage boys in black robes with lines of painted white geometric lines striping their faces like zebra. Our driver, Tuma, explains that the boys’ robes and paint means that they have recently been circumcised and must be separated from their villages until … Continue reading The Maasai people 

The Plan…ish

Today's the day! After twelve and a half years, I've just eaten my last "Happy Friday" roll and sausage and it's my last day with Shell.  It's the end of an era! I'll definitely be crying later but right now I want to document my broad plan for the next six months. I would happily plan this to … Continue reading The Plan…ish

The Four Epiphanies*

I've given myself four life-changing objectives for the 6 months that I'll be away. While that might seem a little ambitious, I want to get as much out of this experience as possible and frankly, I just love a list! I know my list will likely change (or be forgotten entirely) while I'm away but … Continue reading The Four Epiphanies*